Denso Iridium Tough VFKBH20 (4pcs)

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  • Platinum Tipped Ground Electrode greatly moderates electrode wear and ensures high durability.
  • 0.4mm Ultra-fine Iridium Centre Electrode for greater ignitability
  • The patented 360-degree laser welding assembly process ensures high reliability and durability even under the most severe driving conditions.
  • Iridium and Platinum technologies combine to create a plug with a lifetime of at least
  • Alternative spark plugs: IKBH2OTT; FK2OHR11; FK2OH BR-11; FK16HBR-38; FK2OHBR-TJ8: NGK ILFR6D-11 / ILFR6D11 / DILFR6D11 / DILFR6F11G / DILFR6J11 / DFH6B-11A / LFR6AIX-11P / LFR6ARX-11P DENSO 267700-7420 / IKH20 / VKH20 / VFKH20 / FK20HR11 / FK20HBR11 : TOYOTA / LEXUS 90919-01247 / 90919-01249: HONDA 12290-RBJ-003 / 12290-RW0-003: MITSUBISHI 1822A071 : 90048-51187 : 90048-51188: 90048-51200
  • Made in Japan

Denso Iridium Tough VFKBH20

Denso Iridium Tough VFKBH20 is High ignition performance is achieved with a small diameter iridium alloy center electrode. The use of an iridium alloy small diameter center electrode achieves higher ignition performance than general plugs. Made In japan

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