Denso Iridium Tough VFKBH20 (4pcs)

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  • Platinum Tipped Ground Electrode greatly moderates electrode wear and ensures high durability.
  • 0.4mm Ultra-fine Iridium Centre Electrode for greater ignitability
  • The patented 360-degree laser welding assembly process ensures high reliability and durability even under the most severe driving conditions.
  • Iridium and Platinum technologies combine to create a plug with a lifetime of at least
  • Alternative spark plugs: IKBH2OTT; FK2OHR11; FK2OH BR-11; FK16HBR-38; FK2OHBR-TJ8: NGK ILFR6D-11 / ILFR6D11 / DILFR6D11 / DILFR6F11G / DILFR6J11 / DFH6B-11A / LFR6AIX-11P / LFR6ARX-11P DENSO 267700-7420 / IKH20 / VKH20 / VFKH20 / FK20HR11 / FK20HBR11 : TOYOTA / LEXUS 90919-01247 / 90919-01249: HONDA 12290-RBJ-003 / 12290-RW0-003: MITSUBISHI 1822A071 : 90048-51187 : 90048-51188: 90048-51200
  • Made in Japan

Denso Iridium Tough VFKBH20

Denso Iridium Tough VFKBH20 is High ignition performance is achieved with a small diameter iridium alloy center electrode. The use of an iridium alloy small diameter center electrode achieves higher ignition performance than general plugs. Made In japan

Denso Iridium Tough VFKBH20 (4pcs)
৳ 4,500.00
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