Car Care BD: Hybrid & electric car services & mechanics, customizations, engine specialists and premier car wash. Get your car to perform and glow better with us. Take your cars to the next level and experience Car Care BD’s high-quality automotive services that include detailing, performance upgrade and more through out specialty team’s professional care and excellent output.

Hybrid & Electric Servicing

  • Hybrid System Scanning Report Analysis. 
  • Battery Replacement 
  • Brake Booster Replacement  
  • Water Pump Replacement     
  • ECU Replacement              
  • Inverter Replacement      
  • Gearbox & Duel Clutch 
  • Repair & Replacement    
  • Electric Wearing & Sensors Replace.              

Millage & Acceleration Booster Does

    • Hybrid Battery Servicing      
    • Battery Individual Cell Health Check Up By Scanning Diagonisis
    • Battery Related Electric Line Check Up       
    • Fan Motor & Battery Copper Sheets Cleaning     
    • Battery Copper Sheets Cleaning 
    •  Battery Filter Clean Or Replacement           
    • Fuel System Servicing               
    • Fuel Pump Wash                            
    • Injector Cleaning                               
    • Throttle Body Servicing                 
    • Butterfly, EGR, Map Sensor Cleaning            
    • General Servicing                          
    • Engine Oil & Filters Change Or Filter Cleaning  
    • Lubricant Check- Engine Oil, Gear Oil, Brake Oil Others Fluids Check
Hybrid Car Millage & Acceleration Booster Dose

Engine Gearbox Service

  • Engine Gearbox Replacement
  • Engine Overwhelming
  • Engine Replacement

Suspension System Service

  • Wheel System Servicing
  • Shock Absorver Servicing
  • Steering System Servicing
  • Joint servicing
  • Bearings Servicing
  • Bushing Servicing
Suspension System Service

Car Modification Service

Modify any car as per best matching with update model. 

  • Front Bumper
  • Fender, 
  • Head Light
  • Fog Light
  • Bonnet
  •  Looking Glass
  • Backlight 
  • Other modification kits

AC & Electric Servicing

  • Compressor Change              
  • Radiator Change                    
  • Condenser Change                
  • AC Oil Change                        
  • AC  Gas Recharge                                     

Denting and Painting

  • Professional dent repair and removal services
  • Expert color matching for seamless paint finishes
  • Quality paint materials and application techniques
  •  Meticulous attention to detail in every job
  • Restoration of your car’s exterior appearance to perfection

Car Washing and Polishing Care

  • Car Washing Service
  • Car Polishing Service
Car Washing & Polishing Care
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