Denso Copper K16R-U11 Spark Plugs (4pcs)

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  • 100 percent pre-fired to ensure reliable operation
  • Copper core center electrode for superior thermal conductivity
  • A unique five-rib insulator reduces flashover and decreases voltage loss
  • Dual copper and glass seal bonds the center electrode and insulator together for a gas-tight seal.
  • Made in Japan

Denso Copper K16r-U11 Spark Plugs, suitable for standard car, motorcycle and garden equipment applications. All Denso spark plugs utilise a copper core for superior conduction of current and heat. A traditional electrode configuration with many models employing a ‘U’ grooved ground electrode for improved ignition.

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Denso Copper K16R-U11 Spark Plugs (4pcs)
৳ 999.00
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