Toyota ESQUIRE Hybrid GI-pack; Year-2016; Colour- PEARL (inside Black-); Mileage-39890 km; Grade-4.5 Price in Live Auction

For Your IDEA
Auction on 22.12.2020
Note: PUSH Start; Back Monitor; Navigation; Fog Light; LED Head light; Cruise Control; Radar Brake; Lane Departure Alert; Both side power door; // Indoor Dirt, Small Scratches in Body; Mirror Scratch;
Estimated Costing: (appx)
i) Auction Price (appx)= JPY 18,50,000 = BDT 15,55,000 (JPY1.185 = 1 BDT) *Exchange Rate is determined by concurrent rate of Banks in Japan as well as in BD 
ii) Bank related cost- all Charges, Marine Insurance & other costs (appx) =  BDT 25,000 (to be calculated at ACTUAL BASIS)
ii) Auction Fee, Freight, Inspection, Charge, Inland carrying, C & F, Port to Home cost, Wash & Polish (FIXED) = BDT 2,20,000 (Differs only based on model of the vehicle)
iii) Duty as of JANUARY, 2020 (AT ACTUAL) = BDT 15,25,000
iv) Total Import cost [i + ii + iii] = BDT 33,25,000
v) Our Service charge (FIXED) = BDT 150,000
vi) Total Price of the Car [ iv+v]= BDT 34,75,000 (appx)

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* [Please note that our standard Service Charge is 5% on Total Import Cost. However, for you, it has been re-fixed at BDT 110,000 for import cost of BDT 30.00 lac (+/-), BDT 1,30,000 for import cost of BDT 40.00 lac (+/-)]
Please note that auction price (sl-i) is approximate calculation and as such, Total Price will be determined upon getting final price in Auction.

Payment Mode:
1) One-third of estimated total price to be deposited before the Auction date.
2) Next one-third of final price to be paid at time paying Import Duty for releasing of car from the Port at Bangladesh.
3) Rest amount to be paid before Registration of Car in favour of yourself.
Upon your confirmation by return mail and deposit of due amount to us, we will participate the auction and finally let you know the result accordingly

Auction Information

Date: 2020/12/22 [09:00] ID: 150538560
Place: TAA Hiroshima Lot No: 252
Start: ¥1,400,000 Final: ¥1,850,000
Bid: Closed Result: Sold


Year: 2016 Grade: ハイブリッドGI
Chassis: ZWR80G Engine size: 1800cc
Mileage: 40,000 km Transmission: Automatic
Color: Pearl Score: 4.5